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Delivering technical rigor and expertise

Innovation thrives with protection

Our Practice Areas

Our firm specialises in intellectual property law, with a focus in patents and trademarks. 


Practice groups at Biro Oktroi Roosseno include: 

Trade Marks & Copyright Practice Group, Design Practice Group, Litigation and Trial Practice Group, Annuities Practice Group, Corporate Service Practice Group, Market Entry Practice Group, Patent (Chemical) Practice Group, Patent (Biology) Practice Group, Patent (Engineering) Practice Group, Patent (Pharmaceutical) Practice Group, Patent (Medical) Practice Group, Patent (Physics) Practice Group, Patent (Veterinarian Science) Practice Group, Patent (Maritime Science) Practice Group, Patent (Gas & Petrochemical) Practice Group and Patent (Metallurgy) Practice Group.

Our Professionals

We have a technical team with over 30 experts specialising in the major technical disciplines, including: biotechnology, chemistry, biology, medical, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, physics, applied physics, maritime science, veterinarian science, gas & petrochemical, metallurgy, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mining engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing engineering, nuclear engineering, environmental engineering and mechanical engineering.

Our Clients

We support a diverse client base, from large and established multinational corporations to SMEs and start-up companies seeking intellectual property portfolio management in various industries.

To manage and protect your intellectual property worldwide, we offer the following services:

Strategise and protect your inventions

Trade Marks
Strategise and protect your brands

Industrial Designs
Strategise and protect your designs applied to articles or non-physical products

Strategise and protect your original creations

Geographical Indications

Strategise and protect your products of specific regional origins 

Corporate Services

Incorporate in Singapore & Indonesia 

Legal advice on
licensing, litigation & infringement, among others - executed by our Indonesian office

Market Entry into Indonesia

Explore overseas opportunities in Indonesia

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