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To manage and protect your intellectual property, we offer the following services:

Strategise and protect your inventions

Trade Marks
Strategise and protect your brands

Industrial Designs
Strategise and protect your designs applied to articles or non-physical products

Strategise and protect your original creations

Geographical Indications

Strategise and protect your products of specific regional origins 

Corporate Services

Legal advice on
licensing, litigation & infringement, among others - executed by our Indonesian office

Market Entry into Indonesia

Explore overseas opportunities in Indonesia

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We are a leading Intellectual Property Firm in Indonesia. Established in 1951, we have over  60 years of experience in handling Intellectual Property related affairs. With offices in Jakarta and Singapore and over 120 employees, including 30 technical staff we offer excellence on all relevant subjects.

Our strength lies in the professional team with over 30 experts from various disciplines understanding your inventions in-depth and with scientific rigour. Working closely with our business team, we develop the best and most comprehensive strategies and solutions.

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