Our Professionals

Our team of over 120 employees includes qualified lawyers and technical experts from various disciplines. Our core strength lies in our technical team consisting of over 30 experts from various disciplines understanding your inventions in depth and with scientific rigor. Working closely with our business team, we develop the best and most comprehensive strategies and solutions for you.


Our professionals have many years of hands-on experience, exposing them to all aspects of prosecution and management of intellectual property portfolios including patents, trademarks, registered designs, domain names, trade secret and confidential information in Indonesia, Singapore and various foreign countries.

TEAM - Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Toeti H. Noerhadi-Roosseno

President Director & IPR Consultant

Dr. Ir. Darwin Cyril Noerhadi, MBA

Director & Business Strategy and Investment

Taufik Andradi 

BSc (Hons) 

Head of ....

Ir. Migni Myriasandra


Director & IPR Consultant

Harry Wirawan


Associate, Head of Litigation and Trademark



Position in BOR

Dr. Inda Citraninda Noerhadi, SS, MA

Director & IPR Consultant

Jusa Kwinto Edi


Associate, Business Development and Technology



Position in BOR

TEAM - Singapore

Hakim Akhamul, MSc 

Managing Director & IP Evaluation and Market Entry Consultant

Prathashini Rague (Shini)

LLB, Barrister-at-Law 

Manager, IP Department & Trademark Agent in Singapore

Daniela Alina Plewe

PhD, M.A., B.A.

Director & Business Development

Indonesia Office

Biro Oktroi Rooseno

Kantor Taman A9, Unit C1&C2, Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950 Indonesia

M: iprlaw@iprbor.com

T: +62 (21) 5762310

F: +62 (21) 5762301

Singapore Office

Biro Oktroi Rooseno Singapore

6 Eu Tong Sen Street The Central
SOHO 1 07-14
Singapore, 059817

M: mail@borinternational.com

T: +65 69621329

F: +65 69621332

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