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Our Professionals

Established in 1951, Biro Oktroi Roosseno (BOR) has emerged as a premier Intellectual Property Rights firm in Indonesia, and expanded to Singapore in 2017 to better serve both foreign and domestic clients in managing their regional IP portfolios.


Our teams in Indonesia and Singapore consist of highly skilled and experienced lawyers and technical experts across various fields. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to thoroughly comprehend your inventions with scientific accuracy. By collaborating closely with our business strategists, we craft tailored and comprehensive solutions for your unique needs.


Our professionals boast extensive hands-on experience, equipping them with expertise in all facets of intellectual property portfolio management, including patents, trademarks, registered designs, domain names, trade secrets, and confidential information. With BOR, you can rely on our proven track record in safeguarding intellectual property in Indonesia, Singapore, and numerous foreign countries. Choose BOR for a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of intellectual property, and propel your innovations toward a successful future.

KEY MEMBERS - Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Toeti H. Noerhadi-Roosseno

President Director & IP Consultant

Dr. Ir. Darwin Cyril Noerhadi, PhD, MBA

Director & Business Strategy and Investment

Ir. Migni Myriasandra

Director & IP Consultant

Harry Wirawan

Associate, Head of Litigation and Trademark

Dr. Inda Citraninda Noerhadi, SS, MA

Director & IP Consultant

Jusa Kwinto Edi

Associate, Business Development and Technology

Taufik Andradi, 

IP Consultant

KEY MEMBERS - Singapore

Hakim Ahkamul,

Managing Director & Consultant for IP Evaluation and Market Entry

Balaji Loganathan

Manager, IP Department & Trademark Agent in Singapore

Dr. Daniela Alina Plewe
PhD, M.A., B.A.

Business Development

Pallavi Basu

Manager, IP Department & Trademark Agent in Singapore

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