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Indonesian Elected as One of the Representatives at the WIPO

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Indonesia strived to create history by running as a Deputy Director General (DDG) at the Annual Session of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on 21-29 September 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland.

This effort led to the Indonesian ambassador’s election to the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and Other International Organizations in Geneva with Hasan Kleib as DDG for Regional and National Development Sector of the WIPO.

The Director-General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia stated that Indonesia's participation in WIPO shows Indonesia's great concern regarding intellectual Property rights and its protection efforts.

Indonesia is one of the trusted countries to hold the highest leadership position under the Director-General of WIPO.

Four candidates were eventually selected as DDG, in addition to Indonesia's Hasan Kleib, including Lisa Jorgenson from the United States as DDG for Patents and Technology Sector, Wang Binying from China as DDG for Brands and Designs Sector, and Sylvie Forbin from France as DDG for Copyright and Creative Industries Sector.

On the same occasion, Kenichiro Natsume from Japan was also selected as ADG for Infrastructure and Platforms Sector, Edward Kwakwa from Ghana as ADG for Global Challenges and Partnerships Sector, Marco Aleman from Colombia ADG for Intellectual Property and Innovation Ecosystems Sector, and Andrew Staines from England as ADG for Administration, Finance and Management Sector.

Indonesia is known to have joined WIPO in 1979, 12 years after this organization was founded. Indonesia has also ratified a number of agreements managed by WIPO, including the WIPO Convention, Berne Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Trademark Law Treaty, WIPO Copyright Treaty, WIPO Performers and Phonogram Treaty, Marrakes VIP Treaty, Madrid Protocol, and Beijing Protocol.

Indonesia also officially became a member of the 100 Madrid Protocol in October 2017. The Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances was ratified by Indonesia earlier this year.


By: IP Team, Biro Oktroi Roosseno Indonesia

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