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Indonesia Trademark Update: Dispute Over GS Trademark

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The dispute over the GS trademark is being rolled out in the Central Jakarta court. The dispute occurred between GS Yuasa Corporation (the plaintiff) and a local businessman named Harijanto Suprapto (the defendant). The Japanese company found that there is a similarity in principle between their GS trademark and GSP trademark that belongs to Harijanto Suprapto.

GS Yuasa Corporation is one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers and a global leader in quality and innovation, with headquarters in Japan. The Company manufactures and sells automotive batteries, industrial batteries, power systems, electric sub-station equipment, and lithium-ion batteries. Based in Kyoto, Japan, GS Yuasa Corporation provides lighting equipment and ultraviolet systems. The GS Yuasa Group consists of 65 subsidiaries and 33 affiliates in countries throughout the world.

Both parties filed their trademarks in class 9, for goods such as lead-acid seals, lead-acid maintenance-free, stabilizers, electric battery chargers, anode batteries, electric batteries for vehicles, batteries for pocket flashlights, lighting lamps, high voltage batteries, electric accumulators for vehicles, batteries, battery boxes, adapter, battery charger.

The plaintiff objected to the defendant's mark on the basis that the defendant had imitated, plagiarized and made use of the plaintiff's goodwill in their well-known trademark. The plaintiff requested the court to declare that the GSP trademark under Registration No. IDM000637375 had been registered in bad faith.

The plaintiff requested the judge to declare that they were the first to own and register the mark, should be the only party entitled to use the GS mark in Indonesia. Therefore they appealed to the court to invalidate the defendant's GSP trademark and to instruct the defendant to be liable for the cost of the proceedings.

The dispute over the GS trademark had previously occurred in 2015. The results of the case ruling by the Supreme Court Justice in its decision dated 3rd of June 2015, stated that GS Yuasa is the owner and holder of the first GS trademark in Indonesia.


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