'Securing The Value of Your Intellectual Property Webinar'

Updated: Jan 25

Dear All,

Join us for the Securing The Value of Your Intellectual Property Webinar on 14 May 2020, Thursday, co-organised by Biro Oktroi Roosseno Singapore and GeoWorks.

GeoWorks is Southeast Asia’s first geospatial industry centre, operated by the Singapore Land Authority. As an industry centre, it aims to foster a vibrant geospatial ecosystem in Singapore and beyond – bringing together geospatial businesses such as MNCs, scale-ups and government agencies to promote business growth, drive innovation and build a diverse, well-connected geospatial community.

For interested participants, please pre-register by 13 May 2020 at https://go.gov.sg/valueofip or scan the QR code in the edm below. Kindly take note that the webinar login details will be sent to all registered participants by 13 May 2020. 😊

For more details, please refer to the edm below:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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