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Indonesia Trademark Update: Seagate Technology LLC’s dispute with Indonesian Businessmen

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Seagate Technology, LLC, an American data storage company with operational headquarters in California, has filed a lawsuit against Mr Tjung Andrey Adi Saputra and Mr Satrijo Tedjokusumo, in the Commercial Court of Central Jakarta, under case number 71/Pdt.Sus-HKI/Merek/2019/PN Niaga Jkt.Pst. This lawsuit was filed on 31st October 2019 and is currently in the trial stage.

Seagate Technology, LLC was founded in 1979. Its products and services include network-attached storage, high-performance computing, data protection appliances, internal hard drives, backup and recovery services, flash storage, and related solutions for around the world.

Based on the Business search on the Central Jakarta District Court Information, the plaintiff, Seagate Technology, LLC, submitted that the defendant's registered trademark "SEAGATE + LOGO S" under registration No. IDM000082762 have similarities in principle or as a whole similar to the plaintiff's "SEAGATE" trademark and logo. They further submitted that the defendant's marks were filed in bad faith.

The plaintiff additionally submitted that the "SEAGATE" trademark and its logo are a well - known trademark. They, therefore, requested the defendants to cancel the defendant's registration for in class 9 from the General Register of Marks and announce the cancellation in the Official Gazette of Marks.

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By: Trade Mark Team, Biro Oktroi Roosseno Indonesia

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