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Indonesia IP Update: The Commemoration of the 20th Intellectual Property Day

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) began to commemorate World Intellectual Property Day since 26 April 2001. The selection of the commemoration date was chosen based on the date when WIPO became active on 26 April 1974. Thereafter, people from around the world began to commemorate World Intellectual Property Day on April 26th, every year.

On the 20th anniversary of the Intellectual Property Day this year, WIPO went with the theme 'Innovate for a Green Future'. It means that every innovation created must be oriented to the good of the global environment.

In Indonesia, the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) chose a special theme in commemoration of the 20th Intellectual Property Day, namely "Celebration from Home: Be Healthy in the Unity Keep Creative and Innovative". The theme was based on the current condition of the COVID-19 pandemic, where people must keep their distance and stay at home, whilst reminding the public that these conditions should not halt the creativity and innovation of every person in the country.

DGIP also held IP Talks from Home for three days in a row with the theme "Protection of Intellectual Property in the Middle of Pandemic" via Live Streaming Video Conference on YouTube channel and DGIP's official Instagram, from April 24 to April 26, 2020.

The program consisted of discussions and education in terms of copyright protection, specifically related to royalty issues, patents, industrial designs, and Communal Intellectual Property (KIK).

KIK is a way for the government to protect Indonesia's cultural and biological diversity, including strengthening its ownership and prevent it from being hijacked or stolen by a foreign party. The manifestations of communal intellectual property are traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions, genetic resources, and geographical indications.

Indonesia's diverse cultures in the form of traditional knowledge can be patented and it can be authorized capital in the development of the country. Therefore, DGIP also held a "Nusantara Culinary Photo Competition" to raise awareness of the protection of KIK in society.

By: IP Team, Biro Oktroi Roosseno Indonesia

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